Wednesday, April 29, 2009

3 Months

I can't believe Cain is already 3 months old!!! I'm sure you will hear me say the same words every month but it really is going by too fast. Every parent I talk to says that babies grow up too fast and they aren't lying!

What is Cain doing at 3 months?
-Takes a 4 oz. bottle of breast milk fortified with formula every 3 hours
-No longer has his feeding tube
-Goes to bed at 8pm every night and wakes up once during the night to feed
-Wakes up for the day at 6am every morning (I wish it was later!)
-Smiles at us
-watches our mouth when we ooh and goo and will say it back to us
-Getting much better at head control
-Likes to look at his hands
-Loves kicking his feet in his bouncy chair and when laying on his play mat
-Enjoys hitting his toys on his bouncy chair

-Turns his head to watch someone walk out of a room


Kathy said...

Oh, Catherine. Just look how far he has come and how great he is doing! What a cutie pie! So glad your parents got to come up with their friends last weekend. Love that baby smile!

clairedf said...

He is such a little pudge-meister!!! So cute and so fat. I love it!

--Claire Frederick

ashleycottrell said...

Happy 3 Month Birthday Cain!!!