Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wiggle Worm

Can someone please explain how our tiny little baby can move so much in his bed? I went into Cain’s room around 4am to refill his feeding bag and this is what I found.

Gasp!! The little guy had wiggled his way out of his swaddling blanket and off of his positioner/wedge that is supposed to keep him secure and in place. (or at least I thought it was)

And as you can see, he had him arm wrapped all through his feeding tube.

This obviously scared me. I couldn't believe he had moved this much. I expected this later on but not yet. I also hate that he has to sleep with so many wires/tubes in his crib. I know they are medically necessary but they also seem like a hazard.

Brad said we need a surveillance camera instead of a baby monitor. That way we could go back and watch Cain perform his wiggling act.

Tonight we removed the positioner/wedge and came up with a way to keep Cain's lead wires and feeding tube away from his face and neck.

This looks much safer...doesn't it? I hope he decides not to be such a "wiggle worm" tonight.


clairedf said...

That'll teach him! And you know what? That's just how they wrap 'em at the hospital, isn't it? I seem to remember Edie having a trail of wires coming out the bottom of her bunting. Good swaddling job!
Claire D. Frederick

Hitchcock Family said...

So funny! He is definitely a little wiggle worm! Colby always seemed to wiggle around too much when we had an incline in his bed for his acid reflux. So, he is sleeping just like Cain now...swaddled up and flat on his back.

I hope your first days back at home have been great. It looks like you are both doing a great job of figuring it all out! I love seeing all of your pictures! Cain is looking good!

Shauna said...

I know all about this, try a 2 year old with a tube coming out of his stomach. I have to sleep with him every night to make sure the tube doesn't get wrapped around his neck (it has twice so far, but it was not tight)! He is a jack rabbit in his sleep!!

Wendy Raymond said...

He is too cute! I think ya'll do a wonderful job figuring out how to hide those wires1 He looks so much more comfortable now-keep up the good work!