Sunday, March 8, 2009

Many visitors this weekend

We had a good weekend with many visitors stopping by to see us. On Saturday, my Aunt Jeanette, Uncle Charlie, cousin Michael, and cousin-in-law Storey all came up for a visit. Since Cain was having company we decided to dress him up in his big boy clothes. He looked so cute but I wondered what happened to my little baby. I'm used to seeing him in cute light blue baby boy outfits!

(all dressed up and nowhere to go)

It was so good to see family. Thank you all for coming to spend time with us. We miss you all already!

I guess the visit must have worn both Cain and Brad out. After everyone left I was able to capture a picture of both of my boys resting peacefully.

After Cain and his Daddy had their nap they spent some time talking. The following picture is Cain telling his Daddy about the dreams he had during his nap. As you can see, he has on another one of his cute "outfit" bibs.

(Daddy I caught a fish that was THIS BIG)

Sunday afternoon Cain had more visitors stop by to see him. Thanks Julie, Mike, Vicki and Chad for all coming to see us. We really enjoyed visiting with everyone this weekend. Cain felt special to have so many friends come see him.

Cain is doing great and has handled all his feeds really well. We were told during rounds this morning that if Cain continues to do well we should be discharged tomorrow. We will be so happy to be out of the hospital and have Cain back at home.

Since tonight will hopefully be our last night here Brad had to make himself one final Coke float. There is a nourishment center on Cain's floor that happens to have vanilla ice cream. Brad has taken advantage of the "nourishment" and enjoyed many coke floats during our time in the hospital.

We've got to make the best of staying in a hospital for 33 nights...right?

(Brad's nightly "nourishment")


The Campbell's said...

WOW! I can't believe how much he has grown! That outfit makes him look like a little man. So glad to hear he is taking his bottle and pray you guys get to go home today.

Shauna said...

We(mainly Brandon)loved the nourishment room when we were at Ark. Childrens. It must be for the parents, not the kids, right? We found all kinds of goodies in there. You're right, make the best of it!!