Sunday, March 29, 2009

"Leaving on a jet plane"

My mom had to leave to go back home yesterday. I always love having her here and hate it when she leaves. It never fails…I always end up crying when I drop her off at the airport. You would think after living in Nashville for almost 7 years that it would get easier for me to say goodbye but it never does. I only hope that Cain feels the same way about me and Brad when he is 30 as I do about my parents. Okay… since he is a boy it will be okay if he doesn’t cry about me leaving when he is 30.

Cain with his MiMi right before she left.

Since it was Cain's feeding time when I took my mom to the airport Brad stayed home with Cain. I think they enjoyed their quality time together. Brad took some pictures of their time together so I could see what all they did while I was gone.

Brad said Cain enjoyed playing with all his toys while I was gone. He is staring at himself in a mirror in this picture. he is taking after his Mommy.

Whether Cain likes it or not he is going to forced to be a LSU fan. One of my college roommates mailed me several LSU onesie's and Cain is sporting one of them already. Thank you Jessica...we love them! When I got back home Brad also had him in LSU shoes that my mom gave him. As you can see...they were huge!

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Misti said...

We still cry when Derek goes back home to Nashville!!