Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Home Again at Last

We are home again at last!! Cain was discharged from the hospital yesterday around 11:00a.m. We are so happy to have Cain home again. Since we are finally home, Brad started back to work yesterday afternoon. Luckily, he was working from home all afternoon but needless to say I stayed very busy working to get back in a routine again. We have a few days at home with Dr’s appointments not starting until Friday. So that will be really nice. Then on Friday our many Dr’s appointments begin again. We have to take Cain to the Pediatrician on Friday, Pediatric Cardiologist on Monday, Nephrologist on Tuesday and an appointment at the Thrombosis Clinic on Wednesday. So as you can see, I will continue to have a lot to report on. Hopefully we will be able to stay out of the hospital longer than a week this time. If no problems arise, Cain’s next hospital stay shouldn’t be until approximately 2 months from now. At that time he will have a heart catheterization performed. So until then, we will enjoy being home as a family again!

Cain saying "Good-bye" to one of his favorite nurses. This is Lauren and she was his Valentine this year. Thank you Lauren for taking sure good care of Cain. He misses you already.

Ready and waiting to finally go home again!

Home again at last. Everyone is happy...even Sadie!


Anonymous said...

Catherine, Brad and Baby Cain: GREAT NEWS-WELCOME HOME! I will continue to keep you three in my thoughts and prayers. I hope you guys the best with the upcoming doctor visits. Keep strong. Love, Annie O-T.

Betty Rogers said...

So glad to hear you are back at home. I loved the pictures of Cain in his big boy clothes. He is a precious little boy with wonderful parents.
Many prayers are being said for you all every day.
Love you,
Betty and Robby

Dr Eva said...

Praise the Lord!! I am so glad that he is home again with you guys. I can't even begin to imagine your elation. By the way...you look amazing (great profile from the side)!! :) Still praying for you guys - Eva