Tuesday, March 24, 2009

First Day of Work

Yesterday was a beautiful Spring day here in Nashville. I’m sure Cain would have enjoyed spending some time outside but since I had a Dr’s appointment he had to go to work with his Daddy. He spent several hours "working" with Brad. Thankfully, Brad was working from home so I could go to my Dr's appointment.

I dressed him in his necktie shirt for his "First day of work". The girl who cuts my hair gave Cain this onesie. Her mom made it for him. Thank you Candace...Cain loves his shirt!

Ha! He's starting to look like a little old man with the receding hairline he now has. I thought babies were suppose to lose the hair on the back and sides of their head...not the top.

Cain is hoping that when he goes to work one day he will have better work hours. I took these pictures around Cain's bedtime and he was still having to work with his Daddy. Poor guy having to put in long hours on his first day of work!

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