Saturday, March 21, 2009

Family, Friends, and Food

Cain had a few visitors over the past couple of days. On Wednesday my Aunt and Uncle came in town for a Spring Break visit. We were so happy to have them here and really enjoyed their company. My Aunt folded some of my clothes and even cooked us soup (with leftovers we could freeze) which was greatly appreciated! Thanks for coming to see us.

Aunt Karen and Uncle Mike with Cain before heading back to Mississippi

Cain's Easter present from Aunt Karen, Uncle Mike, Katelyn and Lee

On Friday evening our friends, Julie and Mike, came to visit and brought us dinner along with chili she froze for us to eat later. It was so nice to sit down at our table for dinner and have adult conversation with friends. I notice we speak “baby talk” much more than we speak “adult talk” lately!

We thank everyone who has brought and cooked us food over the past few weeks. I think we would starve to death if it weren’t for our great family and friends.

Brad caught us taking a Saturday morning nap

Dressed and ready to watch the LSU/UNC basketball game with Daddy

Exhausted from Mommy taking so many pictures of me

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ashleycottrell said...

Good to see you getting a nap in for the day. Enjoy them. He will be in kindergarten before you know. I can't figure where the time went with Carter.