Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Exciting Day!

Today was a very exciting day for us!

Cabin fever was starting to set in since Cain is on "house arrest". I would have loved to get out of the house and take Cain for a walk but couldn't since it rained all day. Instead we decided to do something that was much more fun! We decided we would all load up and take Brad lunch. Of course, we couldn't go in so he had to come out to the car and pick up his lunch. I think he enjoyed having a surprise visit from all 3 of us.

As you can see, Sadie enjoyed getting out for a ride with her new brother.

Later that afternoon I was playing around with our video recorder and to my surprise caught Cain's first smile on video. We have seen him smile in his sleep but this was the first time to see him smile like this. I was so excited! I finally figured out how to upload my videos to the blog so I thought I would share his first smile with all of you. Just like everyone else...I can't stand to hear my voice so ignore that part and enjoy his first smile!


Kathy said...

Oh, Catherine! How precious. It is really awesome to see him smile AND hear his little voice.

Hitchcock Family said...

So so cute!!! I am glad you caught that adorable smile on camera! Hope you guys are doing well! Cain is looking good!

Katie said...

Thank you for your comment on our blog! I read up on your little guy, he's so, so cute!!! Glad you're home now and hopefully it stays that way for awhile! Aren't those little outings, if even for just a car ride, such a nice change of pace from house arrest??? I know I needed to do that often or I felt like I was going nuts :) I'll keep your little guy in my "heart baby" prayers and hope he has some great growing time at home. Keep up the awesome work too...being a heart mommy isn't an easy task! Hugs to you!!!
Katie (Maddie's mom, HRHS)

The Watsons said...

he is the cutest ever! what a sweet little smile:)

Kristy Statham said...

How precious!!! And your voice is so sexy by-the-way! Call me so we can continue our game of phone tag!