Thursday, March 26, 2009

Chunky Monkey

Cain is a “Chunky Monkey”! We had a follow-up appointment today with Cain’s pediatrician for a weight check and he had gained 24 oz. in 13 days. He weighed 9lbs 14 oz today. We couldn’t believe it. Over the past few days I started noticing how much Cain had grown but I was shocked to find out he had gained 24 ounces. My mom flew up yesterday and will be here until Saturday so she was able to come to the Dr’s appointment with us. Cain is very happy to have her here.

Our little "Chunky Monkey"

Getting his oxygen saturations checked. Check out how great his scar is healing.

Rocking Cain "night, night" with his best buddy by his side


Anonymous said...

He is so cute! Congrats on the weight gain Cain! Have a good weekend. Love- Annie O.T

Hitchcock Family said...

Wow!!!! Go Cain! I cannot believe how much he gained. That is awesome!!! You and Brad are doing a great job! Keep packing on those pounds Cain!