Monday, March 30, 2009

Our first walk...

Since we had beautiful weather today, Cain and I decided we would venture out for our first walk through the neighborhood. I was laughing the whole time because this is the look I was getting the entire time we were walking.

a very unsure blank stare

Overall, I think Cain enjoyed his stroll. I know I did! It was nice to get out of the house and get some fresh air! I believe that was the most fresh air I've had in 2 months. I think we will try to take advantage of nice weather and get out for walks more often.

I know all of you are continually praying for Cain but if you don't mind please say an extra prayer for him. We have a 9:30 appoinment with his pediatric cardiologist Tuesday morning. As I've mentioned before, we check his oxygen saturations daily. His sat's should be between 75-85. Last week his sat's started trending downwards and now seem to range between 65-75. His cardiologist wants us to come in for a chest x-ray, EKG, and possibly an Echo to see why Cain's sat's seem to be dropping.

Cain looks and acts great but I can't help to be a little nervous about this.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Two Months

Wow! Cain is 2 months old today. How can that be? If Cain ends up having his next surgery at 4 months then that means we are half way there. Time is flying by way too fast.

What is Cain doing at 2 months?
-Takes a 2 oz. bottle every 3 hours.
-Still on his continuous feed through his feeding tube from 8pm until 8am
-Goes to bed at 8pm every night but likes to wake up A LOT through the night
-Smiled a few times (still mostly in his sleep)
-Just yesterday we saw him hold a toy for the first time
-Started making cooing sounds
-Trying to hold his head up on his own

Can you tell a difference?

"Leaving on a jet plane"

My mom had to leave to go back home yesterday. I always love having her here and hate it when she leaves. It never fails…I always end up crying when I drop her off at the airport. You would think after living in Nashville for almost 7 years that it would get easier for me to say goodbye but it never does. I only hope that Cain feels the same way about me and Brad when he is 30 as I do about my parents. Okay… since he is a boy it will be okay if he doesn’t cry about me leaving when he is 30.

Cain with his MiMi right before she left.

Since it was Cain's feeding time when I took my mom to the airport Brad stayed home with Cain. I think they enjoyed their quality time together. Brad took some pictures of their time together so I could see what all they did while I was gone.

Brad said Cain enjoyed playing with all his toys while I was gone. He is staring at himself in a mirror in this picture. he is taking after his Mommy.

Whether Cain likes it or not he is going to forced to be a LSU fan. One of my college roommates mailed me several LSU onesie's and Cain is sporting one of them already. Thank you Jessica...we love them! When I got back home Brad also had him in LSU shoes that my mom gave him. As you can see...they were huge!

Happy Birthday!

This past Friday Cain's MeMaw (Brad's mom) celebrated her 21st Birthday (give or take a few years). Cain wanted to wish her a very Happy Birthday! He has a birthday hug & kiss waiting just for you the next time he sees you.

He decided he would dress in his "Birthday Suit" for your Birthday picture.

Ha! He fell asleep during my picture taking. I took these right after I gave him his bath for the night. I guess he was relaxed and ready for bed.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Chunky Monkey

Cain is a “Chunky Monkey”! We had a follow-up appointment today with Cain’s pediatrician for a weight check and he had gained 24 oz. in 13 days. He weighed 9lbs 14 oz today. We couldn’t believe it. Over the past few days I started noticing how much Cain had grown but I was shocked to find out he had gained 24 ounces. My mom flew up yesterday and will be here until Saturday so she was able to come to the Dr’s appointment with us. Cain is very happy to have her here.

Our little "Chunky Monkey"

Getting his oxygen saturations checked. Check out how great his scar is healing.

Rocking Cain "night, night" with his best buddy by his side

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Exciting Day!

Today was a very exciting day for us!

Cabin fever was starting to set in since Cain is on "house arrest". I would have loved to get out of the house and take Cain for a walk but couldn't since it rained all day. Instead we decided to do something that was much more fun! We decided we would all load up and take Brad lunch. Of course, we couldn't go in so he had to come out to the car and pick up his lunch. I think he enjoyed having a surprise visit from all 3 of us.

As you can see, Sadie enjoyed getting out for a ride with her new brother.

Later that afternoon I was playing around with our video recorder and to my surprise caught Cain's first smile on video. We have seen him smile in his sleep but this was the first time to see him smile like this. I was so excited! I finally figured out how to upload my videos to the blog so I thought I would share his first smile with all of you. Just like everyone else...I can't stand to hear my voice so ignore that part and enjoy his first smile!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

First Day of Work

Yesterday was a beautiful Spring day here in Nashville. I’m sure Cain would have enjoyed spending some time outside but since I had a Dr’s appointment he had to go to work with his Daddy. He spent several hours "working" with Brad. Thankfully, Brad was working from home so I could go to my Dr's appointment.

I dressed him in his necktie shirt for his "First day of work". The girl who cuts my hair gave Cain this onesie. Her mom made it for him. Thank you Candace...Cain loves his shirt!

Ha! He's starting to look like a little old man with the receding hairline he now has. I thought babies were suppose to lose the hair on the back and sides of their head...not the top.

Cain is hoping that when he goes to work one day he will have better work hours. I took these pictures around Cain's bedtime and he was still having to work with his Daddy. Poor guy having to put in long hours on his first day of work!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Before and After

Before the LSU/UNC basketball game

After the LSU/UNC basketball game

As you can see...Cain is already a Tiger fan and he was not happy that LSU lost.

Family, Friends, and Food

Cain had a few visitors over the past couple of days. On Wednesday my Aunt and Uncle came in town for a Spring Break visit. We were so happy to have them here and really enjoyed their company. My Aunt folded some of my clothes and even cooked us soup (with leftovers we could freeze) which was greatly appreciated! Thanks for coming to see us.

Aunt Karen and Uncle Mike with Cain before heading back to Mississippi

Cain's Easter present from Aunt Karen, Uncle Mike, Katelyn and Lee

On Friday evening our friends, Julie and Mike, came to visit and brought us dinner along with chili she froze for us to eat later. It was so nice to sit down at our table for dinner and have adult conversation with friends. I notice we speak “baby talk” much more than we speak “adult talk” lately!

We thank everyone who has brought and cooked us food over the past few weeks. I think we would starve to death if it weren’t for our great family and friends.

Brad caught us taking a Saturday morning nap

Dressed and ready to watch the LSU/UNC basketball game with Daddy

Exhausted from Mommy taking so many pictures of me

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wordless Wednesday





Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

And the Dr's appointments continue! Today Cain had an appointment with his Nephrologist. For those who may not know, a Nephrologist is a kidney Dr. He is being followed by this Dr. due to some lab results being off while in the hospital. This appointment was basically to obtain new labs to decide whether or not Cain would need to continue on one of his meds. Other than having to have lab work drawn, which Cain did not love, the appointment went well and we were told we would not have to return to this Dr. until July.

However, my ability to work Cain's stroller once again did not go so well! What's funny is that we bought a stroller that is supposed to be easy. I think I may need to take a stroller 101 class. Based on some of your comments, I'm not the only person who has had trouble with their stroller. The following picture is my outcome from today's attempt....

Enough said!

Monday, March 16, 2009

I survived!

Today was my first day home alone with Cain. The good news is…we survived. Cain had a 1:00 appointment with Dr. Liske, his pediatric cardiologist. Somehow, I was able to give Cain his morning meds…give him his 9am and noon feedings…get both of us dressed and get us to the appointment on time.

Cain’s appointment went well. At one point, Dr. Liske said to us, “He looks so good…I can hardly stand it”. What a great thing for us to hear!!! He also told us if Cain continues to do well taking the bottle that we may be able to remove Cain’s feeding tube in a few weeks. That was great news considering Cain pulled his tube out twice this weekend and Brad had to put it back in both times.

Cain having his EKG performed. Thank goodness they have a mobile to keep him entertained.

If someone had video taped me trying to figure out how to open Cain’s stroller today I probably could have been on America’s Funniest Home Videos. Anyone who saw me would have no doubt that I was a new mom! I even had to call Brad for help. How ridiculous!

I mentioned on my last blog that I hoped to have time to clean the house some during the weekend. Well that did not happen but we did have a nice time relaxing around the house. My friend Lacey and her husband William brought us lunch on Saturday. Thanks so much! We enjoyed visiting with you both and are so happy you moved to Nashville!! Our parents were friends when we were both born and we have many pictures of us together as babies. It's so great to have her here now.

Lacey and Cain in their matching stripes.

Cain in his Bumbo chair on Sunday. Relaxing with mom & dad!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Cain gets an A+

Today was a much better day than yesterday. I could not even think of creating a blog yesterday because Cain decided he wanted to cry the majority of the day. Thankfully he seemed to have a good nights sleep and his attitude is much better today.

We had a follow-up appointment today with his pediatrician and Cain received an A+!!! Today he weighed 8lbs 6oz. That means he has gained 8 ounces since Monday when we left the hospital. Both me and Brad, along with his pediatrician, were thrilled with his weight gain.

I am hoping Cain’s good mood will continue through the weekend and I can possibly get some house cleaning done around feeding him. (and loving on him!)

Looking around today at the pediatrician's office

Patiently waiting on the Dr.

Just waking up from his nap today.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wiggle Worm

Can someone please explain how our tiny little baby can move so much in his bed? I went into Cain’s room around 4am to refill his feeding bag and this is what I found.

Gasp!! The little guy had wiggled his way out of his swaddling blanket and off of his positioner/wedge that is supposed to keep him secure and in place. (or at least I thought it was)

And as you can see, he had him arm wrapped all through his feeding tube.

This obviously scared me. I couldn't believe he had moved this much. I expected this later on but not yet. I also hate that he has to sleep with so many wires/tubes in his crib. I know they are medically necessary but they also seem like a hazard.

Brad said we need a surveillance camera instead of a baby monitor. That way we could go back and watch Cain perform his wiggling act.

Tonight we removed the positioner/wedge and came up with a way to keep Cain's lead wires and feeding tube away from his face and neck.

This looks much safer...doesn't it? I hope he decides not to be such a "wiggle worm" tonight.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Home Again at Last

We are home again at last!! Cain was discharged from the hospital yesterday around 11:00a.m. We are so happy to have Cain home again. Since we are finally home, Brad started back to work yesterday afternoon. Luckily, he was working from home all afternoon but needless to say I stayed very busy working to get back in a routine again. We have a few days at home with Dr’s appointments not starting until Friday. So that will be really nice. Then on Friday our many Dr’s appointments begin again. We have to take Cain to the Pediatrician on Friday, Pediatric Cardiologist on Monday, Nephrologist on Tuesday and an appointment at the Thrombosis Clinic on Wednesday. So as you can see, I will continue to have a lot to report on. Hopefully we will be able to stay out of the hospital longer than a week this time. If no problems arise, Cain’s next hospital stay shouldn’t be until approximately 2 months from now. At that time he will have a heart catheterization performed. So until then, we will enjoy being home as a family again!

Cain saying "Good-bye" to one of his favorite nurses. This is Lauren and she was his Valentine this year. Thank you Lauren for taking sure good care of Cain. He misses you already.

Ready and waiting to finally go home again!

Home again at last. Everyone is happy...even Sadie!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Many visitors this weekend

We had a good weekend with many visitors stopping by to see us. On Saturday, my Aunt Jeanette, Uncle Charlie, cousin Michael, and cousin-in-law Storey all came up for a visit. Since Cain was having company we decided to dress him up in his big boy clothes. He looked so cute but I wondered what happened to my little baby. I'm used to seeing him in cute light blue baby boy outfits!

(all dressed up and nowhere to go)

It was so good to see family. Thank you all for coming to spend time with us. We miss you all already!

I guess the visit must have worn both Cain and Brad out. After everyone left I was able to capture a picture of both of my boys resting peacefully.

After Cain and his Daddy had their nap they spent some time talking. The following picture is Cain telling his Daddy about the dreams he had during his nap. As you can see, he has on another one of his cute "outfit" bibs.

(Daddy I caught a fish that was THIS BIG)

Sunday afternoon Cain had more visitors stop by to see him. Thanks Julie, Mike, Vicki and Chad for all coming to see us. We really enjoyed visiting with everyone this weekend. Cain felt special to have so many friends come see him.

Cain is doing great and has handled all his feeds really well. We were told during rounds this morning that if Cain continues to do well we should be discharged tomorrow. We will be so happy to be out of the hospital and have Cain back at home.

Since tonight will hopefully be our last night here Brad had to make himself one final Coke float. There is a nourishment center on Cain's floor that happens to have vanilla ice cream. Brad has taken advantage of the "nourishment" and enjoyed many coke floats during our time in the hospital.

We've got to make the best of staying in a hospital for 33 nights...right?

(Brad's nightly "nourishment")

Friday, March 6, 2009

Finally taking a bottle again!

We are making progress! Cain finally started back with bottle feeds today. He received 15cc's (which is a tiny amount) of fortified breast milk and that amount will be gradually increasing over the next few days. If Cain continues to do well with his feeds we hope to be going home either Monday or Tuesday.

Since Cain hasn't taken a bottle in over a week we felt that today was a "big event". I received a very cute outfit bib at my baby shower that looks like a tuxedo so we decided to use it for his "big event" today.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Who Dat

Brad decided today was finally his day to dress Cain. I think he had enough of me always dressing Cain in cute light blue baby outfits. So Daddy thought it was time to teach Cain who his favorite NFL team will be! As you can see from the size of the jersey...he will be able to wear it for many more years.

Baby Saints Fan

Who Dat

Brad finally caught a smile on camera

Big Saints Fan...Lil' Saints Fan