Wednesday, February 18, 2009

We're home!!!!

I still can not believe we are finally home starting our new life as a family of three (well four with Sadie included). Today is exactly two weeks since Cain had his surgery. I never thought we would be home so soon. We are so proud of Cain and more importantly grateful for everyone involved in Cain’s care at Vanderbilt. In all, Cain was in the hospital for 19 days. Just short of 3 weeks. Before Cain’s birth, we had been told his hospital stay would be approximately 3-6 weeks. The best case scenario being 3 weeks. We were thrilled that Cain was doing good enough to be discharged so soon. He is a strong guy but I also know Cain’s recovery may not have turned out the same without the numerous people praying for him.

Our drive home yesterday was full of so many emotions. We were thrilled to be taking Cain home but at the same time scared to death. His last wires to monitor him were removed just hours before we left the hospital.

I am hoping now that we are at home I will be able to reply to the numerous emails I have received over the past few weeks. I thank you all for your encouraging words. This experience has changed my life forever. I feel blessed to have so many people praying for our family. Please continue to keep our little guy in your prayers. Before we left the hospital, we were reminded by our cardiologist that 5% of these babies do not make it to their 2nd surgery. Obviously, the next several months are going to continue to be quite stressful for us. If all goes as planned, Cain will have a heart cath around 3 months of age which will require a night or two stay in the hospital and his 2nd surgery should be around 4 months of age. That time will be here way too soon!

I plan to continue blogging as much as I can. There will be plenty to blog about. Even though we finally made it home, we already have numerous Dr’s appointments scheduled. As a matter of fact, our first home heath visit was today. Cain has his first appointment with his new pediatrician tomorrow morning, another home health visit Friday, a follow-up appointment with his cardiologist on Monday, home health coming to the house on Tuesday and Friday of next week and an appointment with his surgeon next Thursday. He plans to keep us very busy!

Now here is what you’ve been waiting for…pictures of us taking Cain home for the 1st time!

(patiently waiting to be discharged)

(Cain had to be weighed one last time)

(finally going home)

(sound asleep from the ride home)

(proud Daddy)

(Sadie meeting Cain for the 1st time)
(Cain meeting Sadie for the 1st time...look at how happy Sadie seems and look how unsure Cain looks)
(finally relaxing with his Daddy)


Kathy said...

I am so thrilled that you FINALLY get to take little man home! His room turned out so cute too. And Brad looks so relieved to be sitting on his own sofa with his precious boy in his arms. Best of luck. The prayers continue.

The Burns Family said...

Oh my gosh hard to believe you guys are home! That is so wonderful! How was the first night? Oh I can't wait to come by for a visit. :) Welcome home baby Cain.

Hitchcock Family said...

I am so excited for you guys! I know how nice it is to finally get home. Cain is looking great! I hope he is able to start taking more from the bottle, so you can eliminate the feeding tube. I'm sure that will make you both a little more comfortable. I love all the pics, and I can't wait to see more of him enjoying his new home.

clairedf said...

What an answer to prayer!! We are so glad you're finally home. When we were at Vanderbilt 5 years ago, I remember saying to my husband, "I can't wait to see Edie come home." And he used to say to me, "I can't wait to see her sprinting up and down the hallways!" And that day will come soon enough for the two of you.

I will continue to pray for Cain's condition and for your stamina, strength, and patience in the days, weeks, and months to come. You will look back on the first year you spent with Cain, and it will seem like a blur. So as hard as it is sometimes, drink in every moment. Cherish the memories you are making even though they are a bittersweet mixture of joy and fear. I pray that you will be able to finally enjoy being parents and that Cain's constant care and medical needs will not overwhelm your sense of joy. If I could do my first year with Edie over again, I would try to relax and let go a whole lot more. Realize that God is in control and that He loves your family beyond belief. Trust Him, enjoy being a parent, and let go.

Sending love and prayers,
Claire Davidson Frederick