Friday, February 27, 2009

Keeping Vanderbilt Busy!

I have received several calls and emails wanting to know how Cain is doing. I hate that I have not had time to update our blog since Wednesday. My Mom has been up visiting/helping us since last weekend and we had to take her to the ER yesterday for what turned out to be a GI bleed. She is currently still having final work up exams performed, but she appears to be doing OK. I do want everyone to know that Cain is doing well. He still hasn't been able to re-start his feeds yet. They want to give his bowels a rest from the shock/stress that has occurred. He is currently receiving his nutrients through an IV and should start his feeds again on Sunday or Monday. From what we have been told, Cain will most likely be in the hospital through the rest of next week. Hopefully my mom’s results will turn out okay and she will be discharged from Vanderbilt today. Otherwise, I may ask if we can have them share a hospital room.

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