Saturday, February 14, 2009

Thursday and Friday update

The following is a blog that I wrote yesterday but never got posted. It is what took place on Thursday and Friday.

I know you may be wondering the outcome of Cain’s kidney ultrasound. Well, we have good news to report! The Nephrologist came by yesterday afternoon and informed us that his ultrasound came back normal and everything looked good. He will probably be put back on BP medicine tomorrow if his BUN and Creatinine levels stabilize.

During the night, Cain had a chest x-ray taken and we were told today that he needed to have another x-ray because they thought he may have a pocket of air in his lungs. The Dr’s did not seem overly concerned of this finding because Cain looked so good today and his SAT’s have been staying within normal ranges today. But they did want to perform a 2nd x-ray to rule out any air pockets in his lungs. Thankfully, the 2nd x-ray looked just fine.

Another part of Cain’s busy day today was that he had his first hearing screen performed. Cain received a certificate that he passed the screening but will need a follow-up at 6 months of age. We were told NICU babies are at a higher risk for hearing loss so these babies have regular follow-ups for the first few years of their life.

Our biggest hurdle to now overcome seems to be Cain’s feedings. He is still taking very little during his bottle feedings. Actually, the most he has taken at one time is 26 cc’s. We have a therapist working with us to help with his feeds. Unfortunately, we have a very strong feeling that Cain will be going home with his feeding tube. It’s a lot to learn and quite stressful for us but we will be able to handle the feeding tube if it is what Cain needs. There are so many steps involved with the feeding tube such as mixing breast milk with formula (to increase caloric intake), administering his meds, flushing the line, listening to Cain’s stomach with a stethoscope to make sure the tube is still in the correct placement.

Most importantly, our biggest and best news of the day is that Cain’s last chest tube was removed. This is a really big step in getting us closer to being able to go home. Having the chest tube removed will also make Cain much more comfortable. The chest tube was stitched in to Cain’s abdomen and could be very painful at times. Luckily, he will not have to deal with this anymore.

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3 "A's" and a "B" said...

Glad to hear such great news. He will be home before you know it!!! I know Sadie must be ready. We love you sweet Cain!