Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sunday update

We are still having feeding issues, but they continue to get better. We had an episode where Cain spit up a little blood through the night. They weren’t too worried about it and said it could be due to the trauma he has had on his stomach due to the feeding tube, etc. His NG tube had to be pulled back up into his stomach today as the tube had slipped down towards his small intestine and this was causing him to get sick. His Creatinine and BUN are back to normal levels, so they will restart his BP med (ace inhibitor) and follow him closely for any renal issues. Additionally, they will discontinue one of his diuretics (Aldactone) due to an increase in his potassium levels. They plan to change his Lasix from IV to oral and may begin weaning him from this med. The good news is his lungs are continuing to dry out. We didn’t type a long blog from this day because Cain seemed to be irritated all day and kept us busy trying to keep him calm. I guess he was just trying to introduce us to what it is really like to be a new parent.

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