Saturday, February 28, 2009

One Down...One to Go

Good news! My mom was discharged from the hospital today. After having to endure a colonoscopy yesterday, she was told she had ischemic colitis. I think she was having sympathy pains for Cain and hated that he was the only one in the hospital.

My dad and granddad drove up on Friday since my mom had been admitted into the hospital. This was the first time my granddad met Cain so it was very exciting for us. It's so wonderful to see a Great Grandfather meet their Great Grandchild for the first time.
(My Granddad meeting Cain for the 1st time)
(me, my Granddad and Cain all together for the 1st time)
(Cain telling his MiMi that he is glad she is feeling better)
(My dad telling Cain "see you later")
(4 generations)

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Erika Hendricks Spencer said...

I love all of the family pics! Glad to hear that your mom is doing better, hope Cain follows suit really soon!! Praying for you...
Erika Spencer