Thursday, February 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Cain!

Today Cain is 7 days old! We were standing over him at 6:37 am this morning which would be his official birth time. For his birthday, he was given a "he is looking fantastic" from two separate doctors that came in separately while making rounds. That is about the greatest B-day present he can receive at this time.

Although, Cain's surgery was very successful, the excitement of that news burned off quickly. He is not yet a healthy baby and there are plenty of challenges to overcome. The first 48 - 72 hours after his surgery is critical for his recovery and ultimately his survival. The medical team will work to ensure that he is stable. He will hold a lot of fluids and the doctors will be working with him to drain through three drains tubes that are inserted in his thoracic cavity, and diuretics. Naturally his kidneys are also expected to assist with this process as Cain's body expels urine. It is expected that he will have significant swelling from the additional fluid, but he doesn't seem to look to "puffy" at the moment. Despite, his "looks fantastic" reports from the Dr.'s this am, we are currently concerned with is cerebral blood flow as his O2 saturations tend to be considerably lower than needed. We have been assured that adjustments have been made to ensure that all other vital measurements are where they need to be so the rest is up to Cain. It is uncertain what effect, if any, this will have on Cain, but it worries us never the less. The doctors will continue to follow it closely. It's just another challenge in little man's life, which we will remain optimistic that he will overcome as well.

(resting well after surgery)

(My scar that I'll think is "cool" one day)

(I can't sneak anything by my parents...I have too many machines keeping a watch on me)

(All my computers can't even fit in one picture)


Hitchcock Family said...

He looks great guys! I am so happy that he is getting good reports from the doctors!! That is awesome! He will think that scar is cool...he and Colby will have to show theirs off together for all of the girls! : ) Hope you two were able to get a little rest! Keep hanging in there, and please remember to call me if you need anything! We are only about 25 minutes away!

3 "A's" and a "B" said...

Oh sweet baby we love you so much. You be strong and get well soon. We can't wait to meet you.

Misti said...

That is all wonderful news! Thanks so much for the details; helps me know what to pray for!!

zander said...

We've been reading all the updates and thinking about Cain a lot these days... Aubrey says she digs dudes with scars and in 21 years when she's able to date, maybe Little Clink can try to get past Daddy Z and take her out.

Wishing you guys all the best! Stay strong and positive.

Aaron, Dana and Aubrey