Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Cain is in Surgery

Yesterday was the best day of our lives and today is the scariest day of both of our lives. Cain has proved to be a strong little guy over the past 6 days and we remain positive he will continue to stay strong today during his surgery.

Both Brad and I stayed at the hospital with Cain throughout the night. We both got a little nap in from 3:00am-4:45am. We had tried to go to sleep an hour earlier but Cain finally decided he would open his eyes right when we were getting ready to get some rest. Cain really hasn't opened his eyes much since his birth so this was huge for us. How could we get rest now! We are so glad we stayed the night with him because we both were able to spend most of the evening and morning with him in our lap.

The hardest part of our day so far was this morning when we had to turn him over to the group who would be taking him to surgery.

The first stage of his surgical procedures is called the Norwood procedure and this is the surgery that will be taking place today. I have attempted to explain what will occur in today's procedure; however, I am unsure in what particular order these events may take place. Dr. Bichell will attempt to combine the two main arteries (pulmonary and aorta) that lead from the heart to the rest of the body. These arteries are currently transposed in Cain's heart (aorta is where pulmonary artery should be and vice-versa). This newly developed, combined-larger artery is what will provide blood flow to the rest of the body from the heart's ventricle chamber. The large ventricle septal defect will not be repaired as this will actually provide one large single ventricle that will pump blood through this newly developed artery. The ventricle wall defect may also be widened to ensure a larger chamber for pumping. Although the majority of the workload will come from the healthy left ventricle, the hypoplastic right ventricle will provide whatever little help it can. The atrial septal defect will also not be repaired, will rather be re-sized to also make it one large atrial chamber. Additionally, a Blalock-Taussig shunt (BT shunt for short) is a gortex pulmonary shunt that will be placed to provide blood flow to the lungs. This procedure will require Cain to have his body cooled down considerably and he will be attached to a cardio-pulmonary bypass machine, which will effectively continue to provide blood flow to his organs during this procedure.

We have been told we will receive updates approximately every hour to hour and a half and our plan is to keep you updated to the progress reports we receive. The following is what we know thus far:

8:00 am-was taken by anesthesia group to the OR
9:17 am - informed that Cain's first incision was made around 9:10 and he was tolerating the procedure well
10:43 am - informed that Cain continues to tolerate the procedure well and is currently doing fine. No unforeseen issues have yet to arise.
11:54 am - informed that Cain has tolerated procedure well so far. However, they are beginning to warm his body up to take him off of the bypass machine. In doing this, they will look for places that bleeding might have occurred and address them as needed. This is to be expected and is not out of the norm. Additionally, they will begin adding drainage tubes that will be connected to his thoracic cavity that will help reduce the swelling/edema that is expected to occur after the surgery.

We will provide additional updates as time permits. Thanks again for all the well wishes and prayers we have received throughout the day.


Stephanie said...

Glad to hear he is doing so well! He's a strong little fellow!

kate said...

I am praying for you guys and baby Cain. He's a miracle baby for sure.

Hitchcock Family said...

I am so glad to hear it is going well so far! Still praying for Cain and the surgery team!! Hang in there!!!