Saturday, February 7, 2009

Big Expectations!

This is the letter we had waiting on us when we returned to see Cain after dinner last night. I thought each of you would enjoy reading it as much as we did. Overall, Friday turned out to be a good day. The following is some of the good news we received yesterday.
  • Cain's oxygen saturations were finally much better. They started going up Thursday afternoon and have stayed where they need to be.
  • They have been slowly decreasing his BP med's. Cain has been on diuretics to get rid of fluids. This has been working well. Actually, it has been working so well that as of midnight last night the nurse was going to call in to the Dr. to see about decreasing the diuretics so Cain doesn't become dehydrated.
  • They may get to remove the 3 drainage tubes from his chest today.
  • Yesterday evening they had been weaning the ventilator down to see if he could take breaths on his own.
  • They started doing trial C-PAP tests during the night. This helps to see if he can breathe on his own. And they have talked about extubating him today depending on how he does during C-PAP tests which means they would take the ventilator out!!!

I hope to have a lot to report on by the end of the day today! It would be so wonderful to finally see him breathing on his on. Also, we have not seen him with out tape across his face (to hold in the ventilator tube) since he was born, so it will be nice to get a good look at him. Of course, if he's not ready we don't want to rush anything, but today may unfold to be a pretty good day. As Dr. Liske said best in his note...."I am expecting big things of him!"


3 "A's" and a "B" said...

awesome news!!!

The Campbell Family said...

That is fantastic news!!!! Cain in THE MAN!!! Thanks for keeping up updated.

Anonymous said...

Great news guys. Cain is one step closer to drawing on Brad's face!

-- Kirk

Sarah Moore said...

Hey Clinkscales Family,
Kristi just forwarded me your blog address. I am so happy to get to see your sweet little man. He is so adorabel. I will be saying lots of prayers for him and the both of you, but it looks like he will be out of there in no time. He is a fighter!!!! What a blessing he must be to the both of you!! I will be checking in to see how that sweet little man is doing. Keep the updates coming.

Love & Prayers
Sarah Moore

Dupont said...

I think he gets his studliness from his dad.