Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The best day of our life!

Today (well yesterday considering it's currently 2:30 a.m. as I type this) was the absolute best day of both me and Brad's life. Up until today neither of us had been able to hold Cain. The most we had been able to do was lean over his bed and touch his little head or body. We had been worried that he would go into surgery without us ever holding him.

Well today, thanks to our wonderful nurse Robin, we finally had the chance to hold our baby boy for the very first time. It is a feeling we will NEVER forget!

Holding Cain was just what we needed since it was the day before his surgery. We knew this day would be filled with emotions but we never expected that emotion to be so much joy! You couldn't wipe a smile off our faces after we both had the chance to hold him.

And of course we have pictures to share our special moment with each of you.

(moment when I held Cain for the first time)

(Mommy holding Cain)

(Daddy holding Cain for the first time)

(The Clinkscales Family)


The Campbell Family said...

Thanks for the new posts and pictures. I am sure it felt like an eternity before you were able to hold him. We will be praying for all of you today and am sure God is going to take good care of Cain.

Kathy said...

OK, so I started my day off crying again while looking at the wonderful pictures of you and Brad holding Cain. Know that we have been praying for all of you all along, but today, at surgery time, we will be sending up extra prayers for Cain and for the surgeons who will be operating on him. "Dear Lord, guide the surgeons hands today as they use the knowledge that you have given them to repair this little heart. Watch over Cain and keep him strong and watch over Catherine and Brad and their families as they wait. Amen."

Anonymous said...

That is the best feeling in the world! I am so glad you guys got to hold him before the surgery. We are thinking about you guys today. I am placing a post on CafeMom about Cain and requesting for prayers. I am sure your beautiful baby boy will pull through. We love you guys.
Greg and Tina

I can't remember my login info. :)

Kathy said...

Just wanted to let you know that Amber sent me an email to let you know that all of the Robertson County school nurses are praying for Cain.

chrissy b said...

Thanks for the post! So glad you both got to hold your little angel before his surgery. We are steady praying today for you, Cain, and his doctors.

ashleycottrell said...

It just gives me chills reading your post. I remember that day as well when David and I held Carter for the first time. What joy and happiness fills your heart to have the sweet baby boy in your arms. You have been in my prayers and thoughts all day. I will see you all later. God Bless.

Misti said...

Praying for ya'll all day today!!