Thursday, January 15, 2009

Weekly Checkup Update

I had my weekly checkup on Tuesday of this week and they said that everything looks good. My blood pressure was good and they said my belly was measuring well. Actually, I was told my belly was measuring for 38 weeks. Which is funny because I just hit 37 weeks yesterday. Being new to all of this, I assume that means we have a big boy on the way or it it could be due to all the food I've consumed over the last 37 weeks! I also had my first exam done at this appointment. Thankfully, not too much is happening yet. The nurse practitioner quickly said she felt Cain's head. She said he was very low and that I was approximately 1cm dilated. My next appointment is on January 21st. We will have an ultrasound that day so I hope to have pictures to share!


3 "A's" and a "B" said...

good to here. Both my girls were always really low and they always said "wow-her head is way down there". so that is good news b/c I have been blessed w/ 2 really easy deliveries. It helps when the baby is already down there. Much easier labors my doc said. We are praying for ya'll-even Abby prays for "Miss Catherine's baby's heart to get well". We love ya.

Hitchcock Family said...

Hey! I'm glad to hear everything is still going well. I've been thinking about you guys a lot! I hope the next appt goes just as well and the ultrasound looks good. Keep us posted! Thanks!! Do you have any more appts with Dr. Liske before Cain's big arrival?