Friday, January 9, 2009

Pediatric Cardiologist Appointment

Sorry to just now post this update. To catch everyone up….on December 18th we had our second meeting with Dr. Liske, Cain’s pediatric cardiologist. I have to say that these appointments are not enjoyable. Thank goodness we really, really like Dr. Liske! We have tried to remain as optimistic as possible since we found out about Cain’s congenital heart defects and we have maintained an upbeat attitude while managing to overlook, by choice, the severity of the situation. Dr. Liske did not sugarcoat the situation and the appointment was a kind of a slap in the face reminding us of how frightening the next several months and possibly years will be for us.

The appointment started out with a fetal echo. Dr. Liske wanted to get another look at Cain’s heart now that he is bigger. Cain was very cooperative and Dr. Liske was able to get some good pics of his heart.

I wish I could report that things have changed but they haven’t. He will still need to undergo several surgeries after birth. The first will still be needed shortly after birth (3-7 days). This surgery will be an open heart surgery so you can imagine how scary that will be for us.

This surgery will definitely carry the highest risk of the three surgeries and it is a long road through the completion of the 2nd surgery, at which time we can all sit back and take in a collective sigh of relief.

If all goes well and no complications arise (feeding issues, strokes, etc.) the anticipated recovery time for Cain would be 3-6 weeks in the hospital.

We also discussed my delivery plan with Dr. Liske. My OB had mentioned that I would most likely be induced during my 38-40th week. We were informed by Dr. Liske that inducing would not be necessary and if all goes well I should be able to go full term. Of course, that sounded much better to both me and Brad. Cain needs all the growing time he can have before undergoing open heart surgery.

Another thing that was discussed during this appointment was childcare. We found out we should not take him to daycare until after his second surgery (at around 4 months), so we will start looking into our options of having someone come to our home. He may not be stable enough to fight off infections that may be contracted from contact with other children (or adults). So, in a manner of speaking, we will be on “house arrest” for several months after his birth and will have to be careful what situations he may be exposed too.

After his 2nd operation, it is expected that he will be in a much more stable condition and we can start introducing him to society. Look out!!!

We have just a few more days to go. Just 26 in fact! As each day passes we continue to become more anxious. We continue to thank each of you for your continuous thoughts and prayers!

I will keep everyone up to date on my future appointments. I will continue to go for regular check-ups each week and we have an ultrasound and an appointment with the neonatologist scheduled on January 21st.

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