Saturday, January 31, 2009

Recap of Cain's birth and our 39 hours of no sleep!

I must start by thanking everyone for all the calls, emails and texts we have received over the last few days. I apologize to those who we have not talked to yet. As you can imagine, the last few days have been quite hectic.

I thought I would give everyone a recap of Cain’s birth.

Last Wednesday, my water broke at 7am when I was getting up for work that day. I feel lucky that we were at home when this happened. We called my OB office and after they consulted with the OB on call they told me to go ahead and come on to the hospital.

last pregnant picture-off to the hospital

We arrived at the hospital around 10:30 a.m. and I was immediately admitted. I was correct. My water had broke and I was in labor a week early. I stayed pretty comfortable for a very long time. Actually, for several hours I was having consistant contractions that I never felt.

The only bad part about my contractions was the fact that some were lasting as long as four minutes at a time and Cain did not like when this happened. Each time I had long contractions his heart rate would drop. The OB team had come in at one point and started discussing the possiblility of having a C-Section. We were okay with whatever Cain needed but hoped to not need one. They had me stay on my side and gave me oxygen hoping that would help the drops in his heartrate.

Around 10pm I was finally ready for an epidural! Thank you to the inventor of epidurals!!

Then some time after 2am I was finally ready to push. The good part about my labor lasting so long was the fact that it allowed my mom/dad and best friend time to make it in from Louisiana before Cain was born. My mom left on the first flight she could from Louisiana to Nashville. She actually arrived shortly before I had my epidural. My awesome Uncle Mike (Dad's brother) offered to drive up with my Dad. Since Cain decided to come early, my Dad still had to wrap up loose ends at his business before he could leave so he was going to be driving late into the night. I was very happy to know he would have someone with him while he made the drive up. And my very best friend and her husband drove in so they could be here with us.

(pic of clock right before I was told I was ready to start pushing. The date on the board had not been changed yet)

After a VERY LONG 4 hours and 2 minutes of pushing along with the need of a vacuum extraction Cain finally made his debut!

During the last minutes of my pushing the NICU team had already arrived in our room and began getting prepared for Cain. As soon as Cain was here, he was handed off to this team of people and they immediataly began working on him. I had hoped to be able to touch or hold him for at least one second but we had a very scary moment after his birth where he was not breathing on his own. Eventually, he had to be intubated. To this day I still have not heard him cry or had the chance to hold him. I can't wait for that day!!!

Since I didn't get to hold him before they took him to NICU they held him up from across the room so I could get a good look at him. As you can see, he looked at me too.

Brad and my dad followed along with the NICU team as they rushed Cain over to the Children's Hospital. Actually, from what they both told me...the whole team as well as Brad and Dad were all running Cain over to NICU.

A few hours later I was able to be wheeled over to see Cain. I couldn't believe how beautiful he was. It's so hard to believe by looking at this precious baby who looks so perfect on the outside that he could possibly have so many heart defects going on inside his little body.

After Cain had been settled into NICU for awhile, Dr. Liske (Cain's pediatric cardiologist) came to access Cain's heart once more. From what we were told, everything looked the same as it did during the prenatal assesment. Cain would still be needing the same surgeries as previously discussed.

(Dr. Liske & the echo tech looking at Cain's heart)

We stayed most of the evening in NICU just sitting and staring at Cain. After many hours we both knew we greatly needed to get some rest so we could stay strong for Cain. So after being awake for 39 hours straight we got what little rest we could. Actually, I think Brad said he rested well but I of course had the nurses coming in my room checking my vitals every few hours. Thank goodness I loved all of my nurses!

Again, thank you to all of our friends and family. We are so grateful for each of you. We also want to thank everyone who has sent flowers and gifts. We love them all and especially know Cain will love his new Tonka Truck!!

Wow!!! I can't believe I finally just finished this post. I started this post on Saturday and have just now finished it on Tuesday. For the most part, everything is still the same. We have a few changes to the fact that both Brad and I just held Cain for the first time!!!!!!! It was the most special moment in my life so I am going to post about that in a separate post.

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Kathy said...

Oh my gosh! I am so glad that you finally got to hold him. Vicki told me before I read the post and I cried!