Thursday, January 22, 2009

Last Ultrasound & Neonatologist Appointment

In a recent previous post I mentioned that our next appointment was on January 21st and I hoped to have pictures of Cain to share with everyone. Well, we did have our appointment but unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures of our sweet baby. We did get to see a little bit of him but it was hard to get good pictures during the ultrasound due to the fact that there is not much room left for him inside of me.

Our appointment was scheduled for 2:30 and after waiting 1 ½ hours we were finally called back. The appointment started with an ultrasound. They wanted to get a good look at the rest of Cain’s organs and make sure there were no other issues besides the heart defects. The good news is that everything else looks perfect and he seems to be progressing right on track.

At one point during the ultrasound we had 6 people in our small room. I have a feeling I should get used to having a lot of people around both me and Cain. From what I’ve been told from others, we could have close to 20 or more people in my delivery room. I’m sure at the time I won’t care though as long as it’s what’s best for Cain.

After the ultrasound one of the Dr’s from Vanderbilt’s High Risk Maternal and Fetal Group discussed delivery plans with us. The plan is to still let everything happen naturally and not plan to be induced. After meeting with this Dr. we were sent to another room to have a discussion with the neonatologist. I had hoped to learn a bit more during the meeting with the neonatologist but can’t say we learned too much.

After talking with the neonatologist we took another tour of the NICU. From what we have seen during our tours, Vanderbilt seems to have a wonderful NICU. Each baby has their own room which is nice. We have learned that neither Brad nor I will be able to spend the night with Cain while he is in the NICU. It will be so hard to leave our little guy. I believe when he is moved to the PICU (which will be after his surgery) one parent will be able to stay the night with him.

This appointment was our last “big” appointment before Cain’s birth. For the next week and a half I will just have my regular appointments with the OB office. My next appointment is tomorrow afternoon. I can’t wait to hear what the Dr. has to say. We are still hoping Cain will not decide to come early!

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