Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cain's Coming!

Hi everyone! This is Catherine's coworker, Vicki, just keeping you all updated. Currently Catherine does not have internet access because, yes that's right, she's at the hospital!

Brad, Catherine, and baby Cain headed to the hospital this morning after her water broke. As of 4:30pm, Catherine has been experiencing long contractions and the labor and delivery team has been closely watching Cain's heart rate as it has been decreasing during the contractions. The team seems to not be too worried about this but are keeping an eye on it just case there are any drastic changes. Currently, she is only 2 cm dilated and they have inserted a cervical balloon catheter to help increase the dilation. Cain most likely will not arrive until tomorrow.

Although uncomfortable, Catherine is in good spirits. Her mom is flying in this evening and Brad, of course, is by her side. I will update this as soon as I hear more. Until then, please keep Brad, Catherine, and Cain in your thoughts and prayers!


ashleycottrell said...

Catherine, Brad and Cain,
We are praying hard for you. Know we are here for anything you might need. I hope you feel the love and support around you. God Bless you all.

Misti said...

Congrats!! Glad to hear all went well with delivery. Praying for God's hand in surgery!

Misti said...

Congratulations!! Glad to hear delivery went well. Praying for God's hand in surgery!!