Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Our first (and possibly last) garage sale ever!

Well, my plan had been to blog more frequently. I hoped to at least have a new blog posted each week. However last week we were busy working to get ready for our garage sale we had on Saturday. Since I am in the "nesting" stage we have been cleaning out our junk. The funny part is...I now think our attic may be the cleanest part of our house. Here are a few pictures from our first and possibly last garage sale.

The day started out with Sadie mad at us for waking her up so early.

But who can blame her for being mad. As you can see, we were up before the sun came up. And the temp at the time had to be around freezing!

Everything is set out....now let's start making $$$!

By the end of the day we had our neighbors niece and nephew helping us load up the trailer with what we didn't sale so we could take it to Goodwill.

Even though we had a lot left over we at least made a little $$ to put towards decorating Cain's room!

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